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Those who know how to trade stocks see that dealing with all the different parts of financial dealing can be challenging. But forex dealing can be even more confusing and complicated for even the best players to understand. Some forex signs, on the other hand, give advice based on data, trends, and technical analysis. In this guide, talk about the following instruments.

Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade is a source of forex signals. Traders can subscribe for free or for money. Their services give complete information about each trade chance. Each warning comes with an entry point, a stop loss level, a suggested risk percentage, and a risk-reward ratio. Traders can quickly get all of this information through Telegram.

Learn 2 Trade, based in the UK, gets its trading signs from traders with more than 15 years of experience in the market. For primary and minor currency pairs, automated forex signals are based on several natural factors, such as Fibonacci retracement levels, moving averages, current trends, and support and resistance levels.

1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder is a well-known forex tip provider that has been dealing with for over ten years, even in the most challenging market conditions. The 1000pip Builder is an excellent signal trading service that helps people new to trading by giving them all the information they need to start trading confidently. 

The fact that the owner, Bob James, is always available to answer questions and give advice is one of the best things about this service provider. This tool provides all signal providers’ verified trading results and data on how well they did in the past via email, Telegram, or SMS. Every warning has essential information like the enter, stop-loss, and take-profit points.

Forex Signal Factory

Most signal providers give both free and paid forms, with the free version including a part that doesn’t cost anything. Forex Signal Factory, a newcomer to the market, uses both technical and qualitative research to make free estimates. This forex signals source has gotten much attention because they are very active on social media and have many followers. This service is especially good for new buyers seeking free advice. They send at least 15 signals daily, which is good, and cover the main currency pairs. Also, they are proud of having a 76% success rate.


The signals page on MQL5 is a reliable source of forex trading signs for people who use MetaTrader 4 or 5. It makes it easy to copy trades from one trading account to another in real-time without problems. Connecting to all MetaTrader users is possible, which lets them subscribe to any signal available on their computers.

trading robot

The MQL5 website is viral, especially among forex users just starting. It has a lot of signal companies whose trade success and results have been proven by the market. This includes each trader’s return on investment, how often they trade, their net profit, and their most significant loss. Using the above factors makes it easy to sort through the tip providers and choose the best-performing trades.

MQL5 gives a complete tool for technical analysis, a way to trade with other people, and an open market for trading services like apps and hosting.

On average, the monthly service charge is somewhere between $20 and $50.


ForexGDP has become a well-known forex tip provider with a good name in the foreign exchange market. Their services come in free and paid forms using techniques like news analysis and reversing trends. Their main thing has always been making high-quality but limited trade signals. Even though this service only sends out 20 forex signals per month, it has shown a surprising ability to make profits of up to 1500 pips per month. 

The free subscription plan is also appealing since it gives four monthly signals that can easily reach through Whatsapp. The forex signs help buyers choose the best times to enter and leave the market. Because traders can make anywhere from 90 to 150 pips with these signs, they are great for beginners and small trades. Users can choose the paid subscription plans, which cost $84 per month and give them access to more signs and advanced features and services. These signs give 8 to 12 chances to get advice on when to enter and leave the market. 

In addition to the main features, the site has extra features like email support and information on as many as six additional trading ideas. The Premium and Supreme plans from ForexGDP have a possible return of 700 pips, which makes them a good choice for serious players.

trading robot
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