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External Coins Review

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Nowadays, it feels like the 21st century calls for increased caution and care while approaching any online solution. This also applies to trading platforms, as more and more traders are growing wary of the cybersecurity risks that come with having an online presence. This calls for a highly secure platform that puts users security first before anything else.

In this External Coins review, I’ll be discussing some of the best features that ensure a secure and engaging trading experience.

Having used a number of online trading platforms, I know first-hand how important of an aspect security can be. Unfortunately, few online platforms have realized this, with the exception of a few options.

One of these includes External Coins broker, which uses a number of features to offer a secure trading experience. To see if this is really the case, I decided to sign up for the service and test it out.

Get Access to Leverages to Amplify Outcomes

As a trader, I know that there’s nothing more frustrating than the online broker charging an exorbitant commission that eats into your profits. When you’re trading, it’s important that you find ways to amplify the outcomes of your trades.

External Coins trading platform

One of the best ways to do that is through leverages, which give you the chance to borrow against the platform instead of putting forward a deposit.

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With External Coins trading platform, the added advantage is that you won’t be able to access higher leverages until you upgrade your account. Therefore, you’ll be required to start small, which ultimately protects your deposit and keeps you from running into financial issues.

I preferred to use smaller leverages and gradually increase them once I was more confident in my strategies, whether they were for stocks or crypto trading.

Various Payment Methods to Choose From

A major red flag that I’ve noticed on some unreliable platforms is that they fail to offer safe and secure payment systems. This can lead to a number of issues and risks that put you in financial jeopardy. Fortunately, ExternalCoins broker offers a bunch of payment options to ensure reliable and safe deposits and withdrawals.

You can choose from VISA credit card and debit card, Mastercard debit and credit card, eWallet payments, and even bank wire transfer. Personally, I prefer to use my Mastercard credit card, but there are a bunch of other safe and reliable options you can choose as per your convenience.

Advanced SSL Encryption Protocols

With the growing risk of cybersecurity threats, all online users are growing even more concerned about data breaches and how their information can get leaked.

A great thing about the ExternalCoins trading platform is that it employs the use of an advanced encryption protocol. It works by encrypting the user’s information as it travels between different servers.

By doing so, the platform successfully prevents any bad actors from potentially intercepting sensitive user data, like personally identifiable or credit card information. Even if cybercriminals do attempt to intercept it, it’ll be completely unreadable so it can’t be exploited.

KYC and AML Policy Compliance

To create a safe and reliable online trading environment, broker complies with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. Under these policies, the platform is required to verify the identity of each user who joins.

This helps ensure that no one is making an account on the platform using someone else’s information, which can qualify as identity theft.

Then, there’s also the Anti-Money Laundering policy, under which the platform instructs and trains all its employees to report suspicious transactions. This will dissuade criminals from using the platform for their money laundering activities. As a result, it creates a safe and reliable environment for trading activities.

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Is External Coins Scam or Legit?

While I was exploring the different functionalities of the platform for the ExternalCoins review, some features caught my attention. One of the most prominent of these is how it maintains a segregated account to store user funds.

Moreover, I noticed that it provides a quick and easily accessible platform with numerous trading pairs to choose from. As a result, there’s a clear emphasis on providing a great user experience. Considering these features, I’m sure that it is a legitimate platform.

Bottom Line

To conclude the review, it’s a fantastic platform that offers an engaging and secure trading experience. For starters, it gives users access to leverages so they can amplify their gains, while limiting leverages for beginners. Then, it also provides numerous payment methods that users can choose from to ensure quick and secure deposits.

Additionally, the website employs advanced SSL encryption protocols to make sure that user data remains secure. Plus, it complies with Know Your Customer policies to create a safe online trading environment. Based on these features, I’d definitely recommend the trading platform to fellow traders.

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