6 Things That Successful Forex Traders Will Never Say
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While the practice of trading on the foreign exchange market is gaining popularity, it remains challenging to differentiate between fact and fiction. Are you prepared to discover the statements that accomplished forex traders will never utter?

A Successful Forex Trader Will Never Claim to Be “Self-Taught.”

While it is true that practicing can significantly benefit traders in learning about forex trading, it is highly improbable for self-proclaimed traders to become masters of forex trading without any additional assistance. There’s absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed! It is a natural inclination for humans to seek help.

A Successful Forex Trader Will Never Claim to Be Infallible

One thing successful traders never admit is that they never experience losses. Unfortunately, that is not feasible.

It is important to emphasize that individuals should only invest funds that they are financially capable of losing in order to be comfortable with losses.

A Successful Trader Will Never Claim That 90% of His Trades Are Profitable

When a trader boasts about their 90% accuracy in predicting short-term movements using chart readings, it’s wise to approach their claim with skepticism. As mentioned earlier, the ever-changing nature of the market makes it highly improbable to achieve a success rate of more than 90% in the long run. Although a few fortunate traders may experience significant gains, it is essential to remember that forex trading should not be equated with gambling.

Interestingly, a large majority of traders experience financial losses and ultimately give up, whereas the most accomplished traders typically only achieve a success rate of 70%. You can deceive individuals, but you cannot dispute the power of statistics.

Deceiving yourself and others regarding your prospects can only lead to unfavorable investments. An experienced trader understands that only some trades will result in significant success. Occasionally, there are fantastic bargains to be found, but the forex market is so vast and unpredictable that they cannot be considered dependable.

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So, there’s no need to stress yourself out about achieving perfection. The greater your desire for financial gain, the lower your chances of achieving victory. Greed has no place in the world of forex trading. A skilled writer can craft exceptional works, and a talented musician can create breathtaking musical compositions, but a successful forex trader should focus on achieving incremental wins.

A Successful Trader Will Never Dismiss the Significance of Risk Management

Although it is impossible to avoid losing money in forex trading, implementing effective risk management strategies can help minimize potential losses. Therefore, a trader who achieves success will always emphasize the significance of risk management to fellow traders.

Like any other form of trading, it is essential to carefully assess the amount you can comfortably afford to put at stake. It is imperative to disregard the advice of anyone who suggests that a risk management strategy is unnecessary.

The forex market is highly volatile, making it impossible to eliminate risks, no matter how skilled you are at analyzing signals and indicators. Did you successfully anticipate the current global health crisis? Precisely!

Given the unpredictable nature of the market, we must have control over the amount of risk we are willing to take. We need to implement a proper risk management strategy to avoid succumbing to irrationality and emotional decision-making, reminiscent of our prehistoric ancestors battling for sustenance. But hey! Trading requires a calm and rational approach, avoiding excessive emotions, excessive trading, and fear.

A Successful Forex Trader Would Never Advise Engaging in Daily Active Trading

If you believe that prosperous forex traders engage in frenzied trading, reconsider your perspective. Although day traders engage in frequent trading, there are numerous instances where it is wise to step back from active market trading.

For instance, in the event of an unexpected political occurrence, the market could experience a decline, prompting a prudent decision to step back until its instability subsides. Occasionally, refraining from taking action can lead to more extraordinary accomplishments than exerting immense effort.

Indeed! Patience is a vital attribute of a prosperous trader. Making numerous illogical decisions only heightens the likelihood of making an error. Ultimately, the market isn’tis going nowhere, and the only competitor you’re in a hurry to contend with is yourself.

A Successful Forex Trader Would Never Describe Forex Trading as Anything Less Than Thrilling

For example, numerous novices embark on forex trading with the aspiration of leaving their full-time occupations and generating swift profits while enjoying the beach. Some traders find themselves drawn to flashy gadgets, platforms with intricate charts, and apps with all the extra features. However, all you really need to do is a simple computing device and an internet connection.

However, trading on a regular basis may be less thrilling. It’s simply a matter of work, nothing more! Your trading routine can become quite monotonous.


It is important to realize that successful traders are unlikely to say that forex trading is easy or brag about their results. At the same time, the best traders never downplay the importance of risk management and constantly continue their education, seeking help when necessary. However, they are fully responsible for their trading results.

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